Wednesday’s Wisdom

Wednesday's Wisdom


10 Ways to Show Some Love this Mothers Day!

Each of our mom’s are so unique in their own way it’s impossible to know which is the best gift for your mom.  Here’s to all the wonderful mom’s out there, that day in and day out keep things on track for wee hands, big hands, four legged paws and do it with such grace and love.  Today we solute all the Great Mom’s out there.  Happy Mother’s Day to all.


12 Golden Rules of Decluttering Your Life


Has your place been looking a little… clogged up lately? Well, it may be time to do a little cleaning up! However, if you’ve been following these rules below, you wouldn’t need a decluttering session as your home is guaranteed to be clutter-free.


12 Fab Finds For Your Home

Are you forever on the lookout for some great finds with home decor?  Here in Sydney “Winners”  is aways a good bet to find some “Fab Finds”!!  Here’s a peek at some items spotted over the weekend which you may like.  Tempted to pick up a few of them myself, how about you?



5 way to Freshen up your Home for Spring

Here in Cape Breton there’s still snow on the ground uggg and some cold nights but eventually warmer days will prevail and when that time comes it will be nice to freshen up your house to reflect what’s going on outside. No time like the present to get your home ready for some Spring spruce ups!  The changing seasons always makes me want to switch things up around my house.  If you’re finding yourself in a similar frame of mind, I hope these tips on how to freshen up your home for spring give you the inspiration to start fresh in your home. Don’t know about you, but I’m ready for Spring!  I’ve over you winter lol and thinking of fresh spring air, no winter coats and fresh breezes.


April 1st Spring has Sprung in Sydney

Hearts in the Water


Spring has sprung in Sydney?  .. well kinda, sorta.  Ok not really lol …..Calendar says April 1st and for most of the country it’s spring showers and warmer days.  Even if it doesn’t feel like spring in Cape Breton there’s still beauty around us. Do you sit in a your home office all day?  Even taking a 15 min walk in your hood can spark some inspiration!   Fresh air, and beauty in the details .. it’s what I notice how about you?   Now come on April we’re ready for some warmer days!


3R Design Studio is being Reinvented …selling off everything on the shelves

Many people ask me what 3R Design Studio stands for and it’s REUSE, REINVENT, AND RELOVE.  


That’s exactly what I’m doing I’m reinventing my studio so i’m switching my barn inventory from ‘old treasures’ to something else.   To be rolled out at a later date but for now I need to sell off all my old inventory and ideally as the whole lot.


There’s always the thrill of the hunt with flea markets, secondhand items and thrifting, don’t your agree?!  Sometimes when your out hunting for one thing you’ll spot another item that you can find a use for.  Occasionally the item can be used as something other then it’s original purpose.



Living Room ‘Before’ and ‘Afters’!

Living Room Redesign ‘Before’ and ‘After’s 

It started with the painting of some of the major rooms in our house and sprang from there.  Once the painting was underway in other rooms in the house we got to the living room which needed a much needed colour spruce up. Actually our living room has undergone many transformations, our house is ever evolving lol but here’s the last before’s I have.


Best Tips & Tricks for Making a Gallery Wall

Gallery Wall Tips and Tricks

One of the things I wanted to do when we started this living room makeover was do something different with all of our pictures. It’s a family affair to say the least and all these pictures have been with us for some time but it’s nice to have a different arrangement to show them.  Instead of scattered over different walls I wanted to change things up and do one big gallery wall.  Watch and I’ll show you step by step how to put up your Art to make a Gallery Wall with all your favourite Art.


10 Steps for a Buffet Makeover

I personally love the thrill of the hunt at secondhand places.   You have to see pass the crowded merchandise and try to visualize how a piece of furniture could look in your new space.  Here’s a ‘Before’ during and ‘After’ photo of the piece that now found a new home in our dining room.  I hope this gives you the confidence when your out looking at secondhand shops for new pieces.

Steps for redoing a piece like this:

  1. Repair any damages first
  2. Remove the hardware before prepping the piece to sand
  3. Sand, sand and more sanding off the old finish
  4. Once your satisfied that the old finish is removed then start painting
  5. In this case the hardware was built-in so I masked around the hardware and removed the upper handles before painting
  6. With a slightly damp cloth remove all the dust from sanding (you can either hand sand or use a electric sander)
  7. Start with even strokes and put on your first coat of paint
  8. Once the first coat is dry do another coat (I used a roller and brush for this piece)
  9. Really check out your piece and any spots that you missed or that are uneven do another coat to compete your project
  10. Screw the hardware back on and place your piece in it’s new spot!



Hi and Welcome. This is where I share my love of decorating, design... and things that inspire me. Interior decorating is what I love to do. Now I get to do it for other people. I have a holistic approach to design, if your home reflects who you are, it'll make you feel good when you walk in the door.

My mission is to help you create a space that you love and fits your most authentic self.

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