What to expect from the “Zen Den”

Welcome to Sydney’s newest meditation studio by 3R Design.

Now featuring the ‘Zen Den” a place where you can learn to meditate and tap into your intuition, to find greater mental health, well being, healing and wisdom!   It’s magic when people meditate together.

The ‘Zen Den’ it’s a supportive space, with Stephie {Stephanie Gouthro} as your host and guide to facilitate you and your friends to learn and practise meditation.

It’s a sacred space for collectively raising the unity consciousness between group circles;  Gather your peeps, your tribe, your soul family whatever you want to call it but it’s getting people together to learn the benefits of mediation …



Who is it for??

It’s for Soulsisters

It’s for SoulBrothers

It’s for professionals who need more then 5+ mins of quiet time and no stress

It’s for Worn out Mom’s – just get your arse in the studio

It’s for Teenage Girls 12-15 Bring a journal to scribe your thoughts or poems

It’s for Grief survivors ~ baby steps lets go.  First the coffee, then the shower, then the world.

It’s for ‘Down on life and I don’t know what the heck I’m doing with my life

Bring your writers club, and meditate together to get beyond writers block

It’s for restaurant waiters build up your team’s syncronity

It’s for Coaches build up your team’s syncronity

It’s for Team Mates build up your team’s syncronity

Boost your creativity with your band and or fellow musicians

Finding your flow for Artists

Come for a energy upgrade, a reconnection to spirit through meditation

EarthAngels – full up your cup so you can spread your Love and Light

Goddess’s Unite – nuff said



Basically it’s a place downtown where you and your friends can get together and have some time for self-care, motivation,  through meditation.   It’s coming together to share positive energy to those who need it.



What to Expect:


Once you enter the ‘Zen Den’ you’ll immediately feel a sense of calm and stillness.  There’ll be incense burning to clear any negative energy.  Chill music or mediative tunes will be playing, its your sacred space;  a chance to reconnect with your soul sisters and brothers.

You never know what you need to hear in those still, quiet moments!


I’m an intuitive empath. I’ll be your host.  Think of me as your Meditation Conceige  Go to my Facebook page and sign up for the latest event. Can’t wait to see you there!



Sydney Meditation Studio;  Wednesday 5:30 – 6:30 pm


… Go to my Facebook page and sign up for the first event.

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