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The Happy Home Makeover – $99 one room; $299 whole house
Your home truly is your sanctuary, but more importantly than style, do you find your home relaxing, calming, joyful and peaceful? With my Happy Home Makeover, I work with you to transform your living space into a true mood booster.
This service is completely tailored to your needs, providing you with the right color choices, artwork, lighting, decluttering and other ways proven to improve your mood and improve your overall mental health. I will also work with you to arrange your home in Fen Shui style, find ways to bring in more energy, add or change colors to ones that are peaceful and relaxing, and eliminate negative energy sources from your home.

A great service for anyone, it is particularly helpful for anyone suffering from depression or mental health issues. You can get the whole house done, or it is great for an individual room like an office or home yoga studio.

Paint Colors Selection Service – $75

One of the hardest decorating decisions can be choosing the right paint colors for a room. As a decorator, I have the latest knowledge of the most flattering, popular as well as tried and true paint colors. Therefore, with this service I will give you three color options for one room, including main color, accent colors and trim colors, based on your needs, taste and furnishings.

Decluttering, Organizing and Paring Down Service – $199
We all have too much stuff, much of which just ends up taking up needed space or sitting in storage. I know how important it is to pare down and keep only the things you use. I will spend 1 day with you and help you sort through your items, keeping the things I feel we can reuse in your space, and reorganize your space so that it functions the way you need.


Energy Clearing Service – $50
Whether you have just moved in a new home or would like to rid your existing home of negative energy, I will come to your home and do a smudge or sage cleanse of your entire house. Takes approximately 1 hour.

Zen Den Design – $199
Is there a room in your house that you would like to be your own personal Zen Den – a place to meditate, wind down from your day, be creative, play music, do art – whatever the case may be. With your input, I will design your space from ceiling to floor to walls to furniture and accessories to offer the peaceful space you desire.

Meditation Classes – $15 per class
Meditation is one of the best ways to gain control of your emotions, stress and anxieties and refocus your energies. Ideal for everyone from teens to seniors, three times a week I will be holding mediation workshops in the ‘Zen Den’ or in my home for people of all ages. I can also conduct classes at businesses on-site. Simply email me at to let me know that you will be attending the next session. You only pay on a class by class basis, $15 cash.  Stay tuned for the days and times starting June 7th!


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Are you ready to make your “Before” a beautiful After?  Call, text or send me a quick email and I’ll be in touch!   902-537-1505.

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