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Meditation for Mental Health. What is meditation for mental health and how does this fit into our life balance? Let me ask you something first. Do you sleep well at night? Do you have monkey mind? Do you practise mindfulness at work or in your home? Do you follow your intuition? Do you feel centered and grounded?

What’s this got to do with your work?

It’s got everything to do with your work. If you are not feeling completely aligned, centered and grounded in yourself, in your ‘BEing’ then this can filter into other areas of your life. If you are feeling depressed, anxious and unfocused then this could effect other areas as well. I know because I’ve suffered from depression.

Why am I talking about this and what’s it got to do with my current profession doing Interior design and decorating?

I’ll tell you but first a little background. There’s been many stories of late with the increase of depression and anxiety in Cape Breton. I attended a session with the Bloom program of Nova Scotia a while back at the Grand Lake Fire Hall here in Sydney. There I met the Program Leads for The Bloom Program and found out about the Bloom Program ‘which aims to improve the health and well being of people living with mental illness and addictions.’ … reported that in Cape Breton there are 63% of people suffering from depression and 69% suffering from Anxiety. 72% of those are on antidepressants. That was shocking to me. The wait times for getting help is quite surprising, having to wait almost a year to get help. { Health care wait times Nova Scotia } There was even a song written about it here by Rob Murphy called ‘300 days.’  I know first hand the debilitating effect depression can have on a family and your work. I suffered depression for many years, stemming from grief over the loss of my two sisters. To the outside world I was fine, I covered it well but my business suffered, as well as many other areas of my life suffered. I heard Jim Carrey describe depression as …

“a feeling of low level despair”

I thought that described it so well. My own experience with depression was is the inability to feel joy, it’s not just about being sad but you just can’t get pass that feeling of not being happy, not caring about things you use to care about. It’s feeling numb. A good quote described depression as:

“Depression is a flaw in Chemistry not a flaw in Character” -unknown

Great I’m not flawed, well maybe in other areas {laughing} but not my character and not flawed because I suffered from depression. This brings me back to why I’m switching my studio called 3R Design Studio to now be a place where youth, kids, adults can come and take part in guided meditations. I want to share with others how meditation helped me overcome depression.

I’m by no means a mental health worker, I’m not a psychiatrist ( if you suffer from depression I would advise you to seek professional help and see what fits for you) but I can share my own personal experience with how meditation helped me with depression.

I feel called to share this with my community. So going forward with my little barn in downtown Sydney; I’m reinventing my studio portion of my business ‘3R Design Studio’ to become the ‘Zen Den’ a place to renew, revitalize and restore your outlook through meditation workshops and classes.  A place to chill, relax and catch your breath. Meditation helped me and I’m on a mission to help others learn how to meditate and hope that this can be a place where like minded people can come together and learn the benefits that come with it. .


So going forward I’ll be your host in the ‘Zen Den’ with weekly meditation classes ….


I’m so excited to share this with you guys! 


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