Meet Ultra Violet: Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2018

Inventive and imaginative, Ultra Violet lights the way to what is yet to come.


A dramatically provocative and thoughtful purple shade, PANTONE 18-3838 Ultra Violet communicates originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us toward the future.



When Design & Adventure meet @ River Nest Wilderness Cabins: Who wants more adventures in 2018?

Are you reflecting back over the year and remembering all the things you did?  I find myself as I get older that I want more adventures, more mini escapes to pause and recharge in a never ending world of so much information.  This summer we did just that at North River Kayak Tours in St. Anne’s, Cape Breton Island.    The adventure weekend was awesome, it felt like we were away for a week.  Calm, peaceful, fun, out on the water and with great friends.  Planned it at the start of the summer and definately on my list for things to do in 2018.


13 Decorating Takeaways You need to Know


Whether your doing a whole house or just a room here are some simple and easy takeaways to keep in mind when decorating your space.   Got a favourite tip yourself? share it below so others can benefit. 🙂



Fix it Friday: How to add a antique dresser to a already full kids room

Have you inherited a family piece of furniture when you have no more room in your house?  Something has to give; right? lol  You either decline or make room for it.  In our case it was a treasured piece and I wanted it for our son’s room.   Receiving a new piece either by way of a hand me down, or pick up from a second hand store or someone gives you piece of furniture out of the goodness of their heart; put it to good use where it can be utilized the most.    Here’s where it landed … {photo is a little dark I know but check out the back corner 🙂 }


Great Room: Quick and Easy Styling Tweak

Do you ever want to change up one area of your home?  Here’s a really quick and easy trick to change up a bookcase.  And guess what it’s free!   Here’s the before bookshelf that needed just a small tweak .   Here’s what it looked like ‘before’ …


Great Room Reveal: 15 added touches you can apply to your own house

Details really do make the design.  Its the final touches that add the personality to a room makeover and it can be fun, quirky, and in the end it’s all about having inspiration around you, to help you feel relaxed, comfortable and at ease after a long day.   Here’s some details of the Coxheath project that added to the overall design for this great room.





Meeting new clients is always a wonderful experience when starting a new project.   This young couple who had recently completed their new fabulous house with big bright windows, hight ceilings, a great room and open style kitchen were now ready to make the inside sing as well.   What they needed help on was pulling their space all together.    The goal then was to use some of their existing furniture, buy new pieces that injected some tech/rustic vibe they liked and do a furniture arrangement to better suit their needs as a thriving couple with busy lives and a new bundle of joy!   I worked with these clients to decorate/update their living room, great room and entryway. Today, I’m sharing the great room. It’s one big open space as you enter the home and you can see everything as soon as you walk in the door. The goal was then to create a relaxing space that reflected more of their personalities.  Here’s where it all began …



Small Bathroom Reveal

After all the selections and pieces that came together here is the final reveal for this clients bathroom.  Happy to say the client was thrilled how it came out.


You renovated your bathroom, now what? 3 Stages to achieve your Spa look

You’ve gone through the trouble of renovating your bathroom with new pluming, new floor tile, new tub and new vanity.  You painted the walls but not completely happy with the colour and it’s not exactly your dream spa space. Yet!  Here’s three stages to get to your dream spa like space to complete the look that just invites you to relax and unwind.


8 Ideas to Inspire You To Create A DIY Meditation Room At Home

Whether you looking for that quiet space to relax, read, listen to music or do meditation there’s certain spaces that are sure to inspire!  Eight original spaces that hit the mark for easy expressive ways to get you into the mind set of winding down.  It can be a room in the corner of your house, a outdoor space, on a patio, your balcony or even a whole sunroom devoted to a large lounge space to chill with family and friends.   It doesn’t have to be large to get that cocoon feeling where you can enjoy a warm summer night, a Saturday morning or late afternoon swinging on the hammock.   Meditation can happen anywhere but if you had a choice carve out a spot that’s just for you!


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