Before & After: A Clients Bedroom Makeover

Before & After: A Clients Bedroom makeover

When your bedroom room layout isn’t working for you and how to fix it with some key furniture placement.  This client had all the key elements for a relaxing bedroom retreat;  beautiful furniture, lovely lavender colour on the walls and pretty bedding.  What wasn’t working was the room layout.  Have a look to see how rearranging the furniture provided a better flow to the room and more space to move around the bed.  Now the room feels more spacious and put together.   Key points you can do at home.



YMCA Monte Carlo Night: Winner of a Half Day Decorating Consultation

YMCA Monte Carlo Fundraiser: Winner of the Half Day Decorating Consultation & Two New Prints

YMCA put on one of their major fundraising event called ‘Monte Carlo Night’ this past May 5th.  In support of their Strong Kids campaign.  One of the donations they received for the silent raffle was from Finishing Touch of two prints and a half day decorating consultation with myself at 3R Design Studio.    Thrilled to help out the winner with some decorating details in her house and help her find a spot for her new artwork.   Have a look to see how the day went!



Design about Cape Breton: Highland Heights Inn and Jill’s Chocolate Cafe

Design about Cape Breton: Highland Heights Inn and Jill's Chocolate Cafe

Design about Cape Breton: Highland Heights Inn and Jill’s Chocolate.  Over the Victoria long weekend here in Canada we got to take a drive to the Village of Iona and stop in at the pub at the Highland Heights Inn. Added bonus was visiting Jill’s Chocolate Cafe!  It’s always great to find unexpected design when your travelling.  Honestly if the place looks uninspiring I usually will head right back out, even if the food is awesome.   Here’s the thing design can and will impact our experience and lift you up!   It may be subtle but design really does add to the flavour and ambiance of a space.  Loved walking into the Frolic’n Folk Pub and being greeted by this wonderfully old stone fireplace.  You can just imagine a fire lit, beer in hand and local music playing in the background.  If you get a chance to visit I hope you do.   And there’s chocolate next door…need I say more.


Before & After: An Organized Client Office Project

Before & After: An Organized Client Office Project

Every have one of those days where you can’t find anything in your office, things are cluttered, unorganized and your overall energy starts to feel like that too?  Check out the Before & After Client Office project that went from cluttered and unorganized to organized, calm and serene in one day!   Tips you can use at home.


Indian Beach in North Sydney gets a upgrade

Indian Beach in Sydney Mines gets a upgrade

Have you been to Indian Beach in North Sydney lately?   Check out the improvements with a new outdoor building the looks like it might be used for a outdoor music stage.  Love the pergola on the building, the freshly landscaped parking lot, the gravel pathways and new improved playground!


Update your entryway; Spring has sprung!

Update your entryway; Spring has sprung!  Organizing your entryway, hallway or mudroom for spring can be as simple as a couple of tweaks.  Here’s some inspiration pictures below to give you some ideas. Spring has definately sprung in Cape Breton!   Finally, some nice weather and fairly safe to say we can put away boots and winter coats until next year.  Don’t laugh we had snow in April here in Nova Scotia.

Every season there’s always new accessories, new footwear, new school activities {if children are in your house} and when you do the changeover it’s great to have some fresh takes on how to renew your entryway, back entrance, mudroom or hallway.  If your like me nothing drives you crazy when you can’t find something or there isn’t a spot to hang your coat as soon as you come in the door.


Here’s five entryway ideas to get you on the right track and have that fresh spring look.



Meet Ultra Violet: Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2018

Inventive and imaginative, Ultra Violet lights the way to what is yet to come.


A dramatically provocative and thoughtful purple shade, PANTONE 18-3838 Ultra Violet communicates originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us toward the future.



When Design & Adventure meet @ River Nest Wilderness Cabins: Who wants more adventures in 2018?

Are you reflecting back over the year and remembering all the things you did?  I find myself as I get older that I want more adventures, more mini escapes to pause and recharge in a never ending world of so much information.  This summer we did just that at North River Kayak Tours in St. Anne’s, Cape Breton Island.    The adventure weekend was awesome, it felt like we were away for a week.  Calm, peaceful, fun, out on the water and with great friends.  Planned it at the start of the summer and definately on my list for things to do in 2018.


13 Decorating Takeaways You need to Know


Whether your doing a whole house or just a room here are some simple and easy takeaways to keep in mind when decorating your space.   Got a favourite tip yourself? share it below so others can benefit. 🙂



Fix it Friday: How to add a antique dresser to a already full kids room

Have you inherited a family piece of furniture when you have no more room in your house?  Something has to give; right? lol  You either decline or make room for it.  In our case it was a treasured piece and I wanted it for our son’s room.   Receiving a new piece either by way of a hand me down, or pick up from a second hand store or someone gives you piece of furniture out of the goodness of their heart; put it to good use where it can be utilized the most.    Here’s where it landed … {photo is a little dark I know but check out the back corner 🙂 }


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